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To order one of these publications, please call 604-297-4422 or e-mail us at Many of these catalogues are in the Burnaby Art Gallery's research and library room, and are available for viewing. All prices listed below do not include GST.


Saints, Sinners & Souvenirs
Saints, Sinners & Souvenirs



Molly Lamb Bobak Book Cover
 Molly Lamb Bobak: Town of the Town

Anna Wong Book Cover English & French

Anna Wong: Traveller on Two Roads (English/French)

Anna Wong Book Cover Chinese
Anna Wong: Traveller on Two Roads



Tara Nicholson Arctic Claims Catalogue2

Tara Nicholson
Arctic Claims

Ornament of a House Catalogue2
The Ornament of a House: Fifty Years of Collecting

Tania Willard dissimulation catalogue  Tania Willard


Sylvia Tait Journey Catalogue
Sylvia Tait


Michiko Suzuki Hope Chest Catalogue (JPG) 
Michiko Suzuki:
Hope Chest

Betrayal at Babylon catalogue cover

Keith Langergraber: The Professionals


Scott Massey Catalogue

Scott Massey: Unstable Ground

Dalla Husband Cover 100 x 100 Revised

Gravure Automatique: Dalla Husband
at Atelier 17

Robert Bigelow Catalogue

Robert Bigelow: Daily Practice

Alex Morrison Catalogue

Alex Morrison: Phantoms of a Utopian Will /
Like Most
Follies, More Than a
Joke and More Than a Whim

Layers Print and Beyond Catalogue

Layers: Print & Beyond -
Gillian Armitage, Kim Mi Hyang, and Marie Price


Eli Bornowsky

All is Unmentionable, Up in the Air: Eli Bornowsky

Gathie Falk

Gathie Falk: paperworks

Saskia Jetten

Saskia Jetten


Shinsuke Minegishi

Shinsuke Minegishi: fragility

Shifting Margins

Shifting Margins: Emily Carr and Irene Hoffar Reid


Lyndl Hall

Lyndl Hall: On Fixing Position

Elizabeth MacKenzie

The Gaze of History, with drawing installation by Elizabeth MacKenzie

Micah Lexier

Micah Lexier: Working as a Drawing (Vol. 1, 1980-2012, Letter-Size, Vertical)

Limited Edition Boxed Multiple & Bookwork/ Catalogue for Micah Lexier
(Sold Out)

Tak Tanabe

Chronicles of Form and Place: Works on Paper by Takao Tanabe (English and French versions available)

Arnold Shives

Alpine Anatomy: The Mountain Art of Arnold Shives

Renee van Halm

Renee van Halm: Crossing-Cutting/Inside Out


Ann Kipling

The Solitudes of Place: Recent Drawings by Ann Kipling

Davida Kidd

Davida Kidd: Who Needs Art When You Have a View Like This?


Doug Guildford

The Intertidal Zone: Prints by Doug Guildford

Rodney Konopaki and Rhonda Neufeld

Chance Operations: Rodney Konopaki & Rhonda Neufeld
(Price N/A)

Changing Landscapes

Our Changing Landscape: Perspectives On and Interpretations of British Columbia


Robert Young

Quotidian View: Robert Young

I:Dent: Constructing and Deconstructing Personal and Social Identities

I-Dent: Constructing and Deconstructing Personal and Social Identities

Gordon Smith

Gordon Smith: The Printed Pictures
(Sold Out)

Aganetha Dyck

Aganetha Dyck: Collaborations

Inuit Dolls of the Kivalliq

Inuit Dolls of the Kivalliq


Torrie Groening

Torrie Groening: A Maximalist for Dinner

JC Heywood

J.C. Heywood: A Life in Layers

Ron Eckert

Ron Eckert: Landscapes and Mindscapes


Jude Griebel

Jude Griebel: A Cast of Shadows

Doug Biden

Doug Biden: Visceral Allegories

Marianna Schmidt

Marianna Schmidt

Shirley Bear

Shirley Bear: Wibhun

Figurtively Speaking

Figuratively Speaking: Selected Works by the BC Sculptors' Society
(Price N/A)

Tam Irving

Transitions of Still Life: Ceramic Work by Tam Irving



30x30: New Directions in Printmaking
(Price N/A)

Pierre Coupey

Pierre Coupey: Tangle
(Price N/A)

Defining Spaces

Defining Spaces: Colleen Heslin, Lisa MacLean and Ken Mayer
(Price N/A)

The Relief Print
(Price N/A)


Prior Editions

Prior Editions: 10 Years of Canadian Printmaking


TransFormations: Ceramics 2005
(Price N/A)

Frederick Lammerich: Continuous Motion - Emotion
(Price N/A)

Tiki Mulvihill: Between Mountains and Molehills
(Price N/A)

Toni Onley

The British Columbia Landscape by Toni Onley
(Price N/A)

Other Publications Available:

Richard E. Prince

Richard E. Prince: Aurora Borealis
(Price N/A)

Ingrid Koeing

Ingrid Koenig: The Blind Spot in the Garden
(Price N/A)

Dick Averns

Dick Averns: Illumintating Language
(Price N/A)

Susan Gransby

Susan Gransby: Inkling to Ink 
(Price N/A)

M.A. Yewdale

Hidden Forest: The Art of M.A. Yewdale
(Price N/A)

Jack Shadbolt

Counterpoint: The Prints of Jack Shadbolt
(Price N/A)

New Media Artwork from the 60s and 70s

New Media: Artwork from the '60s and '70s in Vancouver
(Price N/A)

Capilano College Printmakers

Capilano College Printmakers: Celebrating 20 Years of Printmaking
(Price N/A)

Ernest Lumsden

Ernest Lumsden
(Price N/A)

Leslie Poole

Leslie Poole's Diary
(Price N/A)

First Nations Now

First Nations Now
(Price N/A)

Northern Exposure

Northern Exposure: Inuit Images of Travel
(Price N/A)