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As Seen on TV: Works from the Collection

As Seen on TV 

July 9-September 9, 2013
McGill Library

As Seen on TV: Works from the Burnaby Art Gallery Collection groups together prints created by Vancouver-based artists that utilize televisions or the shape of televisions as part of each work’s composition. The earliest works shown here, David Mayrs’ Late Shows 1 & 4, take their content directly from late night television movies broadcast in the late 1960s. Kate Craig’s 1977 Flying Leopard combines the two mediums she was best known for: performance and video. David Ostrem’s deadpan portraits of contemporary life often depict their subjects surrounded by objects that provide the viewer with information about the subject’s interests; televisions feature prominently in both Susan Remembers and Modern Life. Randall Anderson, a former Vancouver-based artist now residing in Vankleek Hill, Ontario, used the image of televisions along with cars, toilets and kettles to create a logo that comments on consumerism. His screenprints Earth, Air, Fire and Water are one manifestation of this design.