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Ashley Culver and John Stocking: Upon Close Observation

Ashley Culver

February 18-April 21, 2013
Bob Prittie Library, Metrotown

Local Burnaby artist Ashley Culver works at studying and highlighting nature’s intricacy–especially in common fruits, vegetables and other foods. Through isolation and transformation Culver plays with the ability to recognize the objects she works with. Culver’s series of Wallpaper (2011) uses common objects, familiar textures, and natural dyes to create reformulations of various things we consume. Apple cores, citrus fruits, cabbages, mushrooms and broccoli are re-envisioned as patterns and considered from an aesthetic point of view. Culver recently received her BFA in Visual Arts and BA in Psychology from the University of Victoria, and lives and works in Burnaby. More of her work can viewed at http://ashleydianaculver.com/

John Stocking (1938-2012) was an artist and art historian originally from Kansas City, Missouri. Stocking received an MFA (1967) from the University of British Columbia and an MAT from Harvard University, and began teaching within the University of Calgary’s Art History Department in 1970, where he remained teaching for 42 years. Much admired by students and colleagues alike, Stocking was known as a unique, humorous character who held engaging and suspenseful lectures. Stocking prided himself on a career that bridged the gaps between studio practice and academic study, Eastern and Western art and ancient and post-modern art culture. He also created a significant body of studio work in printmaking and photography. The works presented here, created in the late 1960s, were originally sold at record stores. The works show psychedelic and “Op-art” influences from this time, using colour contrast and repetition to play visual tricks with movement. The Burnaby Art Gallery holds these five works by John Stocking in its Permanent Collection.