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Correspondence from Jason McLean

October 30, 2018-January 7, 2019
McGill Library, 4595 Albert Street

Correspondence from Jason McLean

About the Exhibition

This exhibition represents only a small part of a large and varied accumulation of materials sent to the Burnaby Art Gallery and a local collector over the past twelve months by Canadian born, Brooklyn, New York-based artist Jason McLean.

Jason is, amongst other things, a contemporary proponent of Mail or Correspondence Art, a form of art made poplar in the 1960s, practised by artists worldwide. One of the “founders” of the mail art movement, Ray Johnson (1927-1995), was a major influence on many of the artists who established Vancouver’s legendary Western Front. Jason's generosity in sharing selected parts of his creative output situates him as part of that lineage. Another major influence on him is fellow London, Ontario native Greg Curnoe (1936-1992).

Jason is a lover of riddles and puns. Much of his artwork is biographical in nature. Best known for his large drawings that often operate as mind maps, he also works in sculpture, assemblage, sound art and zine production. Jason’s work often utilizes found objects or items not usually associated with art production like the altered cereals boxes and napkins that form part of this show.

Jason, often with the assistance of his son Henry, is currently curating a series of exhibitions based on his collections at his local Brooklyn library.

Jason has been widely collected: he has work in major collections throughout North America including the City of Burnaby Permanent Art Collection, the Museum of Modern Art, the Vancouver Art Gallery and the National Gallery of Canada.