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Harry Booth: Corners/Cutlines

Harry Booth

September 9-November 3, 2013
Bob Prittie Library

Harry Booth is a photographer based in Vancouver. He is self-taught and predominantly works with medium format film. In recent years Booth has focused on the sites he is directly invested in, documenting the rapid transformation of Vancouver’s architectural landscape. For roughly half the year, he works in remote parts of British Columbia as a tree planter, and has worked in this industry for 15 years.

The title of this exhibition refers to the presence of double-meanings and dualities in both visual and written language. Corners, as in intersections, can indicate overtly public types of space – however, the inverted meaning of the corner implies something very different – its opposite; a private and remote spot (the corners of the earth…) The term ‘cutline’ is sometimes used in tree planting jargon to refer to the edge of a clearcut; the distinct line that separates logged land from unlogged. The term is also used in journalism to refer to the descriptive or explanatory line accompanying a photograph; a caption for an image. Booth’s detailed documentation of public space within dramatically different zones of understanding pushes these dual natures to the fore.

Harry Booth’s work can be viewed online through Flickr. He has been featured through the online photo magazine troppotardi.com and has had recent work published in the catalogue/exhibition Panacea (Oakland, CA).