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Janice Wu

Janice Wu

February 4-March 30, 2014
Bob Prittie Library

Working in pencil and watercolour, Janice Wu’s everyday objects from transit receipts to candy wrappers are a type of pop-curio ethnographic study. “I am interested in how seemingly worthless objects have the potential for whimsy and how the ‘inanimate’ mundane can reveal poetic and narrative possibilities,” says Wu. From I am a Collector to Candy Book, each work is like a window into the artist’s life. “Through reimagining the mediocre, the ordinary can become playful and even precious,” says Wu. “By studying personal material cultures, I hope to reveal understandings or realizations, large or small, of shared human experiences.”

Janice Wu is a visual artist and freelance illustrator from Vancouver, BC. She grew up in Burnaby and graduated from Emily Carr University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2013. Working primarily in pencil and gouache on paper, her watercolour drawings address material culture and the everyday. Her illustrations have been featured in The New York Times, Fortune Magazine, The Walrus Magazine and Canada Post. She has exhibited her work in several group exhibitions within Canada, most recently the Monomania II show at Trench Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver. More of her work can be seen at