High Streamflow Advisory: Fraser River

Updated May 22, 2018 at 10:25 AM

The River Forecast Centre has issued a High Streamflow Advisory for the Fraser River due to increased snow melt runoff. River levels and flows are expected to remain elevated this week and into the weekend.

City staff are monitoring water levels, conducting daily patrols of areas adjacent to the Fraser River, and are prepared for possible minor flooding as part of our Flood Response Plan »

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Lynda Cuddy - A Exhibition Series



The inspiration for this work came from an intersection of my interests in magazine design, typography and photography. I had, prior to creating the prints, been working on the feasibility of starting-up a printmaking magazine and had spent many hours pouring over magazines that I appreciated for their great design, great typography and great photography. Around the same time, I had taken a number of photographs on Granville Island of the end supports of barricades that I saw leaning up against a corrugated steel wall. They looked like a row of large orange capital letter A's. I was beginning to see typography in places other than magazines. I was even able to find one abandoned barricade A, all weathered and worn, which later became the subject of one of the large mezzotint prints.

This A form became part coat hanger, part dressmaker's Judy, on which to try on art styles, part cartoon character appearing in situations that posed some technical printmaking challenge. Could I make very large mezzotint prints, could I print well large flats of difficult colours in lithography, could I make large linocuts? It was a time of exploration.