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Michael Dumontier: The Sky and the Ground (for Remy Charlip)

Michael Dumontier 

September 9-November 4, 2013
Tommy Douglas Library

Michael Dumontier began his series of altered books entitled The Sky and the Ground (for Remy Charlip) in 2012. Michael describes the medium as foil stamp on found book. Each volume is part of a varied edition, and is made as the artist finds the right book. In each instance the spine of the altered book is different from its buckram binding. The addition of the foil stamping by the artist turns each book into a unique landscape.

Remy Charlip, to whom the series is dedicated, was a professional dancer and choreographer as well as a highly influential author and illustrator of children’s books.

In previous exhibits in this series, the altered books created by Paul de Guzman and Pierre Leichner reflected each artist’s individual interests in the content of the original book. Although he is a noted bibliophile, the content of each book is not important to Dumontier in his selection of books for The Sky and the Ground series. The interior pages of each volume are sealed as part of the artistic process and the books are shown so that their original titles cannot be seen.  

Michael Dumontier co-founded The Royal Art Lodge collective in 1996 and continued as one of the three remaining members with Marcel Dzama and Neil Farber from 2003 until they officially concluded the RAL in 2008. He continues to work with Farber, meeting every Wednesday to collaborate on paintings and drawings. In 2011, Drawn and Quarterly published their book Constructive Abandonment and this year published their Animals with Sharpies . Dumontier’s work is held in international private and public collections, including The National Gallery of Canada, The Vancouver Art Gallery, Folkwang Museum, FRAC Picardie, Fondation Antoine de Galbert, and Centro de Arte Caja de Burgos.

Dumontier can be followed on either one of two excellent blogs; his own “stopping off place” (stoppingoffplace.blogspot.ca) and “personal message” (personalmessageblog.blogspot.ca) which features his collaborations w/ Neil Farber.