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Online Exhibitions

J.C. Heywood   |   Lynda Cuddy   |   Deborah Koenker   |   Port City Connect II

J.C. Heywood: A Life in Layers

A virtual exhibit based on the 2008 retrospective exhibit at Burnaby Art Gallery.

Canadian artist J.C. Heywood is an adept and innovative printmaker who creates images full of colour, pattern and cultural influences. This online exhibit is in French and English, has teacher's resources, and gives lesson plans for related activities. Built to facilitate observations, comparisons and looking 'up close', this resource makes a great supplement to your art curriculum. Try projecting the exhibit from a laptop onto a screen and take your class on a virtual field trip.  

Port City Connect II

Port City Connect II, completed in 2009, linked three classrooms in port cities across the continent. Burnaby Art Gallery collaborated with the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, and the Shambhala School in Halifax, NS, Burnaby Central Secondary in Burnaby, BC, and Columbia Preparatory School in New York, NY, USA.

Through an exchange of small scale artwork mailings, students explore ideas about their cities as working ports, and how their lives are affected directly and indirectly by their port community. Artwork focused on the themes of HOME, COMMUNITY and LAND & WATER. The project culminated in the creation of small exhibits in each city, and a virtual exhibit.