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Renee Van Halm

BAG Lyndl Hall 700x350

Renée Van Halm: Cross-Cutting/Inside Out

February 10-April 8, 2012
Organized by the Burnaby Art Gallery; guest curated by Sophie Brodovitch.

The Burnaby Art Gallery was pleased to present the first survey exhibition of Renée Van Halm’s work. Focusing primarily on Van Halm’s works on paper, the exhibition explored in detail the artist’s interest in the role architecture plays in shaping our physical and social interactions. With this as an underlying theme, Cross-Cutting/Inside Out surveyed over thirty years of work by a recognized painter. Renée Van Halm’s diverse practice includes the medium of collage, installation, printmaking, gouache, oil and acrylic paints. In alignment with the Burnaby Art Gallery’s commitment to exhibiting works on paper, Cross-Cutting/Inside Out reviewed works on paper by Van Halm, dating from 1979 to the present. While this was a chronological survey of Van Halm’s practice, the works selected for the exhibition focus primarily on the artist’s interest in the social role of architecture. References to iconic design elements and modernist architectural language are layered and obfuscated through painterly abstraction and figuration, creating works that are enticing and challenging. A three-dimensional installation pieces was also included to give presence to Van Halm’s interest in the materiality of architecture, illustrating how the viewer brings his/her own subjectivity to experiencing architecture.

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