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The Moveable Feast: Holly Schmidt

Moveable Feast

May – September

This summer, the Burnaby Art Gallery presents a season-long garden project entitled The Moveable Feast. Constructing a series of planters complete with seating areas and worktables Schmidt develops a small garden space beside Ceperley House that hosts workshops, dinners, and youth programs.


The Moveable Feast is responding to the current global mobility of food in the context of rapidly dwindling food varieties. The project takes place over the growing season (seedlings planted in April and a harvest happening in September/October). Issues surrounding urban farming, food production and consumption are explored through a series of public events and workshops that take place within the garden space, related to growing, preparing, and consuming sustainable food.


On a weekly basis, Schmidt also hosts a drop-in program where participants are welcome to help tend to and cultivate the garden. The site is also be open for groups or individuals to host their own meetings and events. Central to the project are a series of edible events between July and September. During these events the public is invited to learn about, taste, and discuss. Each edible event has a different taste focus, savoury, sweet, and sour.


The Moveable Feast builds upon the success of Schmidt’s recent project, Grow presented by Other Sights for Artist’s Projects in 2011. This seven-month project was a public forum, teaching tool and creative laboratory for ecological and social sustainability practices. This project explored Vancouver’s expanding identity as a sustainable city through the site of south east False Creek. Planned as a “model sustainable development”, the Olympic Village promotes green building practices, environmental responsibility, and alternative transportation choices. Consistent with this imperative, Grow brought together different interest groups and publics to address the notion of sustainability from multiple viewpoints through walking dialogues with disciplinary experts, workshops guided by master gardeners and designers, and the development of an urban agriculture lab along the seawall walkway, adjacent to the Olympic Village.


The Moveable Feast takes place in Deer Lake Park adjacent to the Burnaby Art Gallery.

There are several adult programs related to The Moveable Feast.

Moveable Feast Topics


  • It takes a village…thanks to Shirley and Doug from the Burnaby Village Museum for their help getting the Moveable Feast garden set up and ready for planting.  Find out more...
  • Aristotle called earthworms the intestines of the earth. Find out why they are important for good soil and good food.  Find out more...
  • Are these puffball mushrooms edible? Find out more,,,
  • Dragon’s Tongue Beans, Atomic Red Carrots, Russian Banana Potatoes…see what else is growing in the Moveable Feast Garden. Find out more...
  • Any brewers in Burnaby want dibs on our barley crop? Find out more... 

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