City Hall Complex Closing Early on October 21

Posted October 21, 2019

Burnaby City Hall, the West Building and Civic Offices at Deer Lake Centre are closing at 4:00 PM today in order to provide staff at these locations the allotted required time to vote in the Federal election. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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"Respect" Tile Mural

Ceramic Mural Respect

A tile mural on the theme of social responsibility and respect was created to beautify an indoor wall in the entrance at Montecito Elementary School. Artist Duane Murrin’s inspiration for the design of this mural came from the concept of a photo-mosaic: hundreds of tiny photographs arranged in a pattern to form a larger image on the same theme.

Facilitating brainstorming sessions with the students, he made sketches of their ideas. These designs were based on what social responsibility is and what respect for self, other and environment means to them. Students then painted their tiles, which were glazed and fired. The tiles were mounted alternating warm and cool colours, so that the word “Respect” can be read when the mural is viewed from a distance.

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