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Journeys: We All Have A Story

We all have a story

The City of Burnaby welcomes a large percentage of refugees from troubled parts of the world, their lives uprooted by war and loss. This theatre project involved the whole Edmonds area community in telling their story and participating in all aspects of the creation of a theatrical performance based on those stories.

A series of story-telling dinners were held involving community members of all ages. Theatre artist Kate Newman then wove the collected stories into a script portraying the community. Students in grades 6 and 7 at Edmonds Community School worked with professional performing artists, including the school’s own music teacher, to create and present a high-quality theatrical production that has both educational merit and the potential to enhance social and emotional development.

All of the students in the school were engaged in some capacity, creating a display of stories in both written and visual form for the foyer of the school on the days of the presentation. Music, movement, dance and visual arts were all combined in the production to provide expression for these stories of loss, hope, transformation and love.



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