Stage 3 Water Shortage Response Plan In Effect Until Rescinded

Posted July 20, 2015

All forms of lawn sprinkling using treated drinking water are further curtailed. See the At A Glance Guide to know what type of water use is restricted under Metro Vancouver's Water Shortage Response Plan Stage 3 and is enforced by the City of Burnaby. Learn more »

No Smoking in Parks, Trails & Green Spaces | No Charcoal Barbeques in Parks

Due to the dry weather and heat that could result in fire hazards, the City of Burnaby advises all park users that there is NO SMOKING permitted in the Burnaby parks, trails and green spaces.

Charcoal barbeques in City of Burnaby parks and beaches are prohibited. At this time, only propane gas barbeques are permitted. Please check the city’s website for updates on whether all types of barbequing will be banned if conditions worsen. Learn more »

Things To Do

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James Cowan

Mr. James Cowan bought land in Burnaby in 1919, after serving overseas in World War I. The property on Gilpin Street is not far from the theatre that now bears his name. The theatre was previously known as the James Cowan Memorial Hall until 1971, when it became the James Cowan Theatre.

The Cowans lived on Gilpin Street between 1923 and 1955. Mr. James Cowan took an active interest in community affairs. He was a founding member of the Valley View Ratepayers Association, and was a member of its Council. He also helped present many briefs to Council concerning the development of the community.

In 1955, the Cowans moved to 4449 Percival Street. Mayor Emmott was so impressed with the length and consistent contribution Mr. Cowan made to the community, that he had the new hall named for Mr. Cowan a few days before he died in 1967.