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Staff Directory


Name Phone Number Email
Arts Services Manager David Jordan 604-205-3019 david.jordan@burnaby.ca
Theater / Facility Coordinator Cory Philley 604-205-3041 cory.philley@burnaby.ca
Office Supervisor (Acting) Kimberly Watson 604-205-3006 kimberly.watson@burnaby.ca
Booking Coordinator Marilyn Chitticks 604-205-3020 marilyn.chitticks@burnaby.ca
Client Services Supervisor Beth Southwell 604-205-3021 beth.southwell@burnaby.ca

Special Events

Name Phone Number Email
Special Events Officer (Acting) Maria Danysh 604-205-3004 maria.danysh@burnaby.ca
Volunteer Coordinator Caragh Robinsmith 604-205-3043 caragh.robinsmith@burnaby.ca


Name Phone Number Email
Production / Operations Coordinator Gregg Steffensen 604-205-3036 gregg.steffensen@burnaby.ca
Technical Director (Acting) Masha Birkby 604-205-3022 masha.birkby@burnaby.ca


Name Phone Number Email
Marketing Coordinator Jared Bowles 604-205-3044 jared.bowles@burnaby.ca


Name Phone Number Email
Film Coordinator TC Brotherston 604-294-7314 tc.brotherston@burnaby.ca

Arts Programs

Name Phone Number Email
Fine Arts Coordinator Tanya Rankin 604-205-3002 tanya.rankin@burnaby.ca

For questions specifically about a discipline, please contact our fine arts programmers below:

Fine Arts Programmers

Name Phone Number Email
Ceramics (Acting) Fredi Rahn 604-205-3012 friederike.rahn@burnaby.ca
Theatre / Literary Arts Joel De Stefano 604-205-3015 joel.destefano@burnaby.ca
Visual Arts Marianne Otterstrom 604-205-3014 marianne.otterstrom@burnaby.ca
Music / Media Arts Mark Vescovi 604-205-3011 mark.vescovi@burnaby.ca
Dance Salome Nieto 604-205-3007 salome.nieto@burnaby.ca
Community Arts Lia Miller 604-205-3013 lia.miller@burnaby.ca