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Children's Fitness & Arts Tax Credit

Many of the City of Burnaby programs for preschool, children and teens may be eligible for the federal Children’s Fitness Tax Credit or the  Children's Arts Tax Credit.  Each of these federal non-refundable, personal tax credits are up to $500 per eligible child (under the age of 16 years).  This credit may be claimed in the 2014 calendar year by parents who have registered their child in an eligible program.

Programs that May Qualify
The City of Burnaby has created a list of programs for the 2014 tax year that may qualify for the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit or the Children's Arts Tax Credit based on the definitions by the Federal Government. Remember to attach this list to your receipt for income tax purposes.

The receipt you received when you signed up for the program can be used for income tax purposes. Remember to keep your receipts.

If you require a replacement copy, please contact your local recreation centre.  Note: please allow time to have your request processed. You must keep your receipts for your records, but you do NOT have to submit them with your income tax return.

Payments must have been made in 2014. Programs that were paid for during the 2013 calendar year and a portion or the entire program was not delivered until 2014, are not eligible.

Your child was under 16 years OR your child with a disability was under 18 years at the beginning of 2014.

Program must be ongoing, which means they must be a minimum of eight consecutive weeks. In the case of children’s camps, camp must be for five consecutive days. Note that some of our programs have the same name, but vary in duration. Please double check that the program your child was registered in meets the minimum duration.

For more information contact the Canada Revenue Agency:

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