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After School Programs

Afterschool Programs

Looking for something fun and active to do after school? You don't have far to go, as our recreation and arts staff run a variety of After School Programs in some of the local schools. Check out below for a list of the schools along with the programs currently taking place. Register today at www.burnaby.ca/webreg

Northeast Burnaby  

  • Cameron  
  • Charles Rummel Centre
  • Forest Grove  
  • Lyndhurst
  • Montecito 
  • Seaforth 
  • Sperling
  • Stoney Creek 
  • University Highlands  
  • Westridge  

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Northwest Burnaby   

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Southeast Burnaby 

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Southwest Burnaby

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South Central 

  • Burnaby South
  • Clinton 
  • Nelson

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For more information about schools in Burnaby, visit Burnaby School District 41.  


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