No Smoking in Parks, Trails & Green Spaces | No Charcoal Barbeques in Parks

Due to the dry weather and heat that could result in fire hazards, the City of Burnaby advises all park users that there is NO SMOKING permitted in the Burnaby parks, trails and green spaces.

Charcoal barbeques in City of Burnaby parks and beaches are prohibited. At this time, only propane gas barbeques are permitted. Please check the city’s website for updates on whether all types of barbequing will be banned if conditions worsen.

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After School Programs

After School Programs

Have a great Summer!

We are currently planning for the fall. Stay tuned for more details about our after school programs that will be offered in the new school year. Check out our summer fun activities, enjoy your summer!

Looking for something fun and active to do after school? You don't have far to go, as our recreation and arts staff run a variety of After School Programs in some of the local schools. Check out below for a list of the schools along with the programs currently taking place. Register today at


Northeast Burnaby  

  • Cameron 
  • Charles Rummel 
  • Forest Grove  
  • Montecito 
  • Seaforth 
  • Sperling
  • Stoney Creek 
  • University Highlands 
  • Westridge  

Northwest Burnaby   

  • Aubrey
  • Brentwood  
  • Capitol Hill 
  • Confederation Park 
  • Gilmore       
  • Kitchener
  • Lochdale   
  • Parkcrest  
  • Rosser   

Southeast Burnaby 

  • Armstrong   
  • Brantford   
  • Buckingham  
  • Edmonds   
  • Lakeview   
  • Morley  
  • Second Street
  • Stride   
  • Taylor   
  • Twelfth 

Southwest Burnaby

  • Cascade Heights
  • Chaffey Burke
  • Douglas Road  
  • Gilpin  
  • Inman   
  • Marlborough   
  • Maywood   
  • South Slope  
  • Suncrest  
  • Wesburn  
  • Windsor 

South Central 

  • Burnaby South
  • Clinton  
  • Nelson 

For more information about schools in Burnaby, visit Burnaby School District 41.  


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