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Preschool Programs

Baby & Toddler First Dance

Learn how you can bond with your baby/toddler while developing positive movement patterns with the use of music, props, and dancing in our Baby's First Dance and Toddler's First Dance programs!

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Registered Programs

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Please note:
Children taking part in activities for 3- to 5-year-olds must be the required age within one month of the program's start date, ready to attend on their own and able to use a toilet independently. Registration must be done in person or by phone for children who are not yet the required age by the program start date.

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Preschool Drop-in Programs

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Preschool Programs 

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Pre-Kindergarten | 4-5 yrs
This class is designed to help your child adapt to kindergarten routines.
Starting September 17 & 19 | Register

Story Book Adventures | 3-5 yrs
Join in crafts, activities and more as we step into a new story each class. Children are free to use their imaginations and creative abilities in a storyland setting.
Starting September 19 | Register

Preschool Explorers | 3-5 yrs
Come and explore with us as we learn through art, music, science, games, stories and special activities.
Starting September 21 | Register

Double the Fun | 4-5 yrs
Play active games, learn and expand our fundamental movement skills.
Starting September 20 | Register