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Environmental Awards Program

Award Process

Awards may be presented in six categories:

  • Business Stewardship
  • Communications
  • Community Stewardship
  • Green Choices
  • Planning and Development
  • Youth

There are two levels of awards:

  • Environmental Award - Recognizes environmental achievements of a larger scale, such as long-term commitments to an organization or cause, leadership, and projects of a significant size and relatively complex scope that have a broader community impact.
  • Environmental Star - Recognizes environmental achievements of a smaller or more individual scale that may serve to catalyze larger initiatives and inspire others.

A maximum of one Environmental Award and two Environmental Stars will be awarded per category.

The criteria for each award category is presented in the 2021 Terms of Reference. For more information, or if you have questions about the program or the nomination process, please contact the City of Burnaby Planning Department at 604-294-7400.


Since 1996, the City’s Environmental Awards Program has recognized the outstanding contributions of individuals, groups, organizations, institutions, and businesses to advancing environmental sustainability and protecting and enhancing the natural environment in Burnaby. The City’s Environment Committee reviews nominations and recommends recipients to City Council for approval. 

The City of Burnaby is pleased to acknowledge the following individuals, community groups, institutions, and businesses who have made significant contributions to the sustainability of Burnaby’s environment:

2021 Environmental Awards

Reclaim Plastics (formerly BumperNow), in the category of Business Stewardship, for their innovative solution to ensure environmental sustainability through waste diversion

Ann Green and Bryan Green, in the category of Community Stewardship, for their outstanding leadership and dedication to environmental stewardship, ecosystem restoration and community education.

Simon Fraser University, in the category of Planning and Development, for their role in developing the Biomass District Heating Plant that showcases the use of district heating systems as a sustainable heat source to achieve greenhouse gas emission reduction targets.

Lilah Williamson, in the category of Youth, for her outstanding commitment to climate activism through public engagement and awareness. 

2021 Environmental Stars

BCIT, in the category of Community Stewardship, for the South Wetland Restoration Project for their exceptional commitment to ecological restoration.

Les Leighton, in the category of Community Stewardship, for his outstanding commitment to environmental stewardship and community education.

Force of Nature, in the category of Communications, for their ongoing dedication and commitment to community outreach campaigns that increase awareness to environmentally sustainable initiatives. 

Burnaby Youth Sustainability Network, in the category of Youth, for their outstanding environmental leadership and ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability through school programs.

Past Recipients

View a complete list of past recipients.