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Environmental Awards Program


Make a nomination and support Burnaby’s environmental leaders.

Awards may be presented in six categories (a maximum of one Environmental Award and two Environmental Stars per category):

  • Business Stewardship
  • Communications
  • Community Stewardship
  • Green Choices
  • Planning and Development
  • Youth

There are two levels of awards:

  • Environmental Award, for recognition of environmental achievements of a larger scale, such as long-term commitments to an organization or cause, leadership of other individuals, and projects of a significant size and relatively complex scope that have a broader community impact, and
  • Environmental Star, for recognition of environmental achievements of a smaller or more individual scale that may nevertheless serve to catalyze larger initiatives and inspire others.

The criteria for each award category is presented in the 2019 Terms of Reference. Hard copies are available at City Hall. For more information, or if you have questions about the program or the nomination process, please contact the City of Burnaby Planning Department at 604-294-7400.

How do I nominate a deserving candidate?

You can submit an on-line nomination today.

  • When using the on-line nomination form, we encourage you to prepare your information in a separate word processing file, save the document and then copy and paste the information into the form. Some have experienced technical difficulties with the online nomination form ‘timing out’ when used with some operating systems or devices.

A print version Nomination Form is also available and may be submitted to the City Burnaby Planning Department, by email at planning@burnaby.ca or to 4949 Canada Way, Burnaby, BC V5G 1M2. The 2019 deadline for submission is April 5.

**Please note that on the Nomination Form, you will be asked to tell us which of the 10 goals of the City’s newly adopted Environmental Sustainability Strategy (ESS) do the environmental achievements of your nominee contribute toward. Read below to learn about the ESS and the 10 goals.

Environmental Sustainability Strategy

The City’s newly adopted Environmental Sustainability Strategy (ESS) is a plan for Burnaby’s green future. The ESS contains 10 goals, represented as petals of a flower and presented in more detail below. We encourage you to learn more about the plan (www.burnaby.ca/ess-adopted) and what you can do make our community green (www.burnaby.ca/ess+you).

10 Goals of the ESS

10 Goals of the ESS

  • Green - Healthy and resilient ecosystems
  • Flow - Healthy and resilient watersheds
  • Breathe - A community resilient to climate change, with clean air and low carbon emissions
  • Live - A network of compact and complete communities, within a fabric of healthy ecosystems
  • Move - A walkable, bikeable, and transit-supported city that supports a healthy community and environment
  • Build - Buildings and infrastructure that have a positive impact on the environment
  • Prosper - A prosperous economy that supports a healthy environment
  • Nourish - A food system that supports healthy people, a healthy community and a healthy environment
  • Conserve - World-leading waste reduction, diversion and management
  • Manage - Environmentally aware and engaged community working together to improve Burnaby's environmental performance


Since 1996, through the Environmental Awards Program, the City has recognized the outstanding contributions of individuals, groups, organizations, institutions, and businesses to advancing environmental sustainability and protecting and enhancing the natural environment in Burnaby. From the nominations received, recipients are recommended by the City’s Financial Management Committee to City Council for approval. This year, recipients will be announced to the public at the Regular Meeting of Council on May 27, 2019 and will be invited to a reception at City Hall and to receive their awards at the Regular Meeting of Council on June 10, 2019.

The City of Burnaby is pleased to acknowledge the following individuals, community groups, institutions, and businesses who have made significant contributions to the sustainability of Burnaby’s environment:

2018 Environmental Awards

SHAPE Properties, in the category of Business Stewardship, for environmental sustainability achievements in operating Brentwood Town Centre Mall and Lougheed Town Centre Mall.

British Columbia Institute of Technology for the Energy OASIS Project, in the category of Planning and Development. This Project showcases how renewable energy and energy storage can be integrated with electric vehicle fast charging stations and electrical grids.

Brennan Strandberg-Salmon and Kevin Lin, students at Moscrop Secondary School, in the category of Youth, for their outstanding leadership and environmental achievements.

2018 Environmental Stars

Burnaby Mountain Secondary School, in the category of Green Choices, for their ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability in the operation of the buildings and in school programs.

Alexander College Green Committee, in the category of Green Choices, for integrating environmental sustainability into the operation of the school and for growing awareness of sustainability amongst their students.

Alan Russell, a member of the Stoney Creek Environment Committee, in the category of Community Stewardship, for his significant contributions to the Stoney Creek Environment Committee and the stewardship of Stoney Creek.

Carrie Ng and Victor Yin, students at Ecole Alpha Secondary School, in the category of Youth, for their outstanding environmental leadership.

Past Recipients

View a complete list of past recipients.

  • Environment Awards Nomination Form

    Nomination FormMoreNominations accepted until April 5, 2019.
  • Environment Week

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