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Environmental Awards Program

2020 Environmental Awards Update

The nomination period for the 2020 Environmental Awards is now closed. Thank you to all who supported the awards program by making a nomination.

Due to COVID-19, the process of reviewing nominations was delayed. We have now resumed the review of nominations, and we thank you for your patience. The City of Burnaby plans to announce the recipients at the regular Council meeting on September 28, 2020.

Please continue checking this page for updates on the 2020 Environmental Awards. If you have any questions, please call our Planning Department at 604-294-7400.

Award Process

Awards may be presented in six categories:

  • Business Stewardship
  • Communications
  • Community Stewardship
  • Green Choices
  • Planning and Development
  • Youth

There are two levels of awards:

  • Environmental Award - Recognizes environmental achievements of a larger scale, such as long-term commitments to an organization or cause, leadership, and projects of a significant size and relatively complex scope that have a broader community impact.
  • Environmental Star - Recognizes environmental achievements of a smaller or more individual scale that may serve to catalyze larger initiatives and inspire others.

A maximum of one Environmental Award and two Environmental Stars will be awarded per category.

The criteria for each award category is presented in the 2020 Terms of Reference. For more information, or if you have questions about the program or the nomination process, please contact the City of Burnaby Planning Department at 604-294-7400.


Since 1996, the City’s Environmental Awards Program has recognized the outstanding contributions of individuals, groups, organizations, institutions, and businesses to advancing environmental sustainability and protecting and enhancing the natural environment in Burnaby. The City’s Environment Committee reviews nominations and recommends recipients to City Council for approval. 

The City of Burnaby is pleased to acknowledge the following individuals, community groups, institutions, and businesses who have made significant contributions to the sustainability of Burnaby’s environment:

2019 Environmental Awards

Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery, in the category of Business Stewardship, for their outstanding achievements integrating environmental sustainability into their business and business operations.

Joanne Borle, in the category of Green Choices, for outstanding leadership of her housing co-op’s recycling and environmental sustainability committee. 

Oxford Properties, in the category of Planning and Development, for Riverbend Business Park and notable achievements in site environmental remediation, innovative flood protection and enhancement of waterways, stormwater management, and green buildings.  

2019 Environmental Stars

Hemlock Printers, in the category of Business Stewardship, for their outstanding commitment to environmental sustainability in their business and business operations.

BC Bee Supply, in the category of Business Stewardship, for their support of urban beekeeping in our community.

Fernando Lessa, in the category of Communications, for creating the Urban Salmon Project and supporting the environmental education and stewardship efforts of the city and Burnaby’s streamkeepers.

Roger Dyer, in the category of Community Stewardship, for his long standing involvement in the stewardship of Stoney Creek as a member of the Stoney Creek Environment Committee.  

Embark Sustainability, in the category of Green Choices, for creating the Food Rescue Program to enhance local food security and reduce food waste at Simon Fraser University.

University Highlands Elementary Green Team, in the category of Youth, for their efforts to create environmental awareness and affect positive change at their school and in their community.

Burnaby Youth Sustainability Network, in the category of Youth, for their efforts to deliver many environmental awareness initiatives this year, including the Do It Green 2019 conference that focused on pollution from micro-plastics.

Past Recipients

View a complete list of past recipients.