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Outstanding Citizen of the Year

Help us find Burnaby’s most outstanding citizen

Each year we look for Burnaby’s most outstanding citizen — a local leader who has helped build Burnaby into a world-class place to live.

What makes an outstanding citizen?

Past winners of the Kushiro Cup come from diverse backgrounds, but all share the common values of leadership, service and community.

Burnaby’s most outstanding citizens are community leaders who have contributed an extraordinary amount of their time and energy, over many years, to cultural, recreational or other non-elected civic activities in Burnaby.

Past winners include Ruth Gautschi (2019), a 36 year volunteer involved in a variety of programs with the City's Citizen Support Services, Laida Falsetto (2018), a Byrne Creek Secondary School teacher who helped mentor new refugee students, and Douglas Corson (2017), a dedicated volunteer who has contributed countless hours to the Burnaby Citizens’ Crime Watch Program. Learn more about their stories here »

How to submit your nomination

To be considered for the Kushiro Cup, nominees must be Burnaby residents and have volunteered in several community programs in Burnaby over many years. A resume of each candidate must be supplied as well as the names and contact information of two nominators.

Nominations closed on February 19, 2021

History of the Kushiro Cup

The Kushiro Cup has been presented to Burnaby’s most outstanding citizen every year since 1982, when the cup was presented to the City of Burnaby by its Sister City, Kushiro, Japan.


  • February 19, 2021
    Deadline for nominations.
  • March 29, 2021
    Burnaby's 2020 Outstanding Citizen of the Year is announced.
2015 Clk Kushiro Cup History
City of Kushiro, Japan