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2017 Kushiro Cup Winner

Douglas (Bill) Corson

Douglas (Bill) Corson

Mayor Derek Corrigan and Burnaby City Council are pleased to announce Douglas (Bill) Corson has been named the winner of the 2017 Kushiro Cup and Outstanding Citizen of the Year.

Mr. Corson has been chosen for this award for his 20 years plus dedicated volunteer service to the Burnaby RCMP and the City of Burnaby. Mr. Corson has been a tireless advocate for community safety; as a volunteer with the Burnaby Citizens’ Crime Watch Program, he has devoted countless hours patrolling the streets of Burnaby, reporting suspicious activity and recovering stolen autos. He is a Crime Watch Program leader, mentoring other volunteers on identifying and reporting suspicious activity. In addition, Mr. Corson regularly volunteers for the South West Community Police Office even when he is not feeling well or injured to make sure that the volunteers, who are going out on a citizens’ crime watch patrol, are equipped with an additional laptop and an updated stolen plates list. For 18 years, Bill has been a Block Watch Captain, observing and reporting incidents to police, and communicating crime prevention tips and information to neighbours and program participants.

Mr. Corson has received the RCMP 20 Year Long Service Award (2016), the RCMP Officer in Charge Certificate of Appreciation Award (2010), the BC Solicitor General Volunteer Award (2008), and the City of Burnaby Local Hero Award (2005). As one of Mr. Corson’s nominators wrote: “Bill is one of the kindest, most dedicated volunteers that you will meet”. Passionate when it comes to volunteering, Mr. Corson symbolizes what it means to be Burnaby’s Outstanding Citizen of the Year.

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