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2009 Public Safety Award Recipient

Sheldon Leung Community Policing Award

Burnaby City Council, based on recommendation of the Public Safety Committee (formerly Community Policing Committee), recognized Mr. Sheldon Leung as a recipient of the Public Safety Award (formerly Community Policing Award) in 2009.

During 2009 summer, Mr. Leung responded to a call for help from an injured neighbour in Parkrest neighbourhood.  Mr. Leung called the police from inside his residence.  He then returned to the neighbour's property and witnessed an individual causing further injury to the neighbour.  Mr. Leung yelled at the individual to stop and called back the police.  Mr. Leung's actions ultimately halted the attack.  Despite receiving serious injuries, the victim survived the attack.

Mr. Leung was recognized for courageously intervening and saving the victim's life.