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Youth Week Citizenship Awards

BC Youth Week

This international celebration of youth is held annually during the first week of May. It is a week of fun, interaction and celebration that focuses on building strong connections between young people and their communities and that profiles the issues, accomplishments and diversity of youth across the province.

Wherever Youth Week is celebrated, the idea behind it is the same: Young people are important and need to be recognized in a constructive and positive manner. Their contributions need to be acknowledged and celebrated. This is where the Burnaby Youth Citizenship Awards come in. The Youth Week Committee has created these awards to recognize young people in Burnaby who have volunteered their time and skills, contributed to the community, are great citizens and who may have overcome adversity.

Youth Citizenship Award

Youth, 18 years and under, who have made an important contribution to their community and who have a positive attitude and demonstrate qualities such as initiative, enthusiasm and commitment – and who may have overcome adversity – qualify. Youth may be nominated by any member of the community who is not a relative. Nominations open in January of each year, with the awards presented during B.C. Youth Week, May 1 to 7. All nominated individuals are recognized by the Mayor and presented with a Citizenship Certificate. The top five nominees will also be awarded with a $100 bursary.

For more information on BC Youth Week and the Youth Citizenship Awards, check out bcyouthweek.com or contact Mike Pandher at Summit Youth Centre: 604-268-1369.

Youth Citizenship Award Nomination Form

If you would like to nominate an individual, fill out and submit a Burnaby Youth Week Citizenship Awards Nomination Form (PDF).

Nomination forms must be submitted by Wednesday, March 9, 2016.

2015 Youth Citizenship Award Recipients 

 2015 Youth Awards

The Youth Citizenship Awards were presented to the winners by Mayor Corrigan at the City Council Meeting on Monday May 4, 2015. Recipients of a Youth Citizenship Award include Alona Besan, Amanda Lee, Amy Vatera, Amy Wesley, Bill Xu, Billy Trengove, Blake Tomei, Brittany Titian, Caitlynn Sturm, Came Suze Duncan, Cara Wong, Chaewon Song, Donnavin Steel-Payne, Devon Zhao, Eleni Beciaris, Emma McSpadden, Guray Bhullar, Hyun Na, Iris Xie, Jackie Cao, Jared Mah, Jasper Chan, Jeanne d'Arc Mubalama, Jet Thorsteinsson, Kevin Chung, Kyle Sim, Milad Mohammadi, Rebecca Yet, Roya Nari, Tanvi Bhati, Terry Zhang, Ty Klim, Vanessa Jokanovich and Vincent Lau.

Five youth have been selected as the top winners of this year’s citizenship awards and have received a $100 bursary. These youth have gone over and above to make a difference in Burnaby and beyond while maintaining personal, academic, extracurricular involvement: Jeo Mateo, Kayla Wang, Margaret Anteros, Nicolle Salas and Priya Sharma. This year’s Burnaby Youth Week logo contest winner is Katya Morin.

BC Youth Week