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Wooden Floor at Bill Copeland Sports Complex



Rounding out the features of the Bill Copeland Sport Complex is a portable, maple wood sports floor. The 17,000 square foot sports floor was part of the original design of this sports facility and installed in 2011.

The hardwood floor enhances the sport of lacrosse in Burnaby by providing the best possible playing surface available for local players to practice and play games. It establishes Burnaby as a premier location for hosting local, regional and national lacrosse tournaments.

Another positive impact of the sports floor is the potential prevention of injuries. The new wood floor has a greater shock absorbing quality which will help to prevent injuries and lengthen a lacrosse player’s career. Wood is easier on player’s joints and bodies than the current concrete floor. Players have less injuries, and those in their 20’s and 30’s will have the ability to play the game longer.

Although primarily used in the spring and summer for lacrosse, the new wood sports floor has a subfloor that can be easily installed between the ice surface and the wooden floor, converting the ice surface to dry floor space for indoor events (such as trade shows, concerts, and conventions) and sports tournaments (such as basketball, gymnastics or badminton) throughout the year.