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Class Descriptions

Terms & Conditions

Open to all levels, ages 14 and older. To ensure a continuous flow during class, please arrive on time. Please stay until the end of class, as it facilitates a quiet, relaxing time for all. Before entering the studio, remove shoes and turn off cellphones.

Hatha Yoga

A rejuvenating class releasing tension from the muscles accumulated in everyday life and sports activities. Learn to breathe deeply while experiencing a flow of postures to stimulate the body physically and mentally. Through this practice you enhance flexibility, increase muscle tone and concentration, detoxify the organs and feel a deep state of relaxation.

Power / Flow Yoga

An energetic class improving strength, flexibility and balance with a continual flow of postures and dynamic breathing techniques. Through this practice you cleanse the body, stimulate your cardiovascular system, develop your agility and balance and build muscle tone.

Kundalini Yoga

An energetic form of yoga that stimulates the glandular, nervous and immune systems. Each class includes centring oneself with a mantra, warm-up, specific yoga postures, deep relaxation and meditation. Benefits include weight control, relief from stress and insomnia as well as liver detoxification.

Yoga /  Pilates
Flow Yoga / Core Fusion

These classes will offer a combined class of Pilates mat exercises and relaxation of yoga. Build core strength improve balance, increase flexibility and rejuvenate your mind / body. (Small ball or thera band may be used)

Pilates Mat

A series of mat exercises that create a stable core. Prepare to strengthen and stretch your body during every exercise. The results are increased strength, flexibility, concentration and strong abdominal muscles to help you stand taller.

Body Rolling

Small ball myofascial release or body rolling allows you to tone and lengthen your muscles while strengthening your core. Roll your body on the small inflated balls and relieve muscle tension.

Restorative Yoga

A revitalizing and gentle class that may include using props to support the body. Experience improved circulation, flexibility and a relaxed mind and body. Perfect for everyone!


A meditative, yet powerful practice that focuses on long passive holds to work on the deep, dense connective tissues of the body, tendons, ligaments and cartilage. Yin postures tend to be held up to 3-5 minutes or longer periods of time and are deeply rejuvenating. Complements other styles of yoga.


A combination of passive and active postures with pranayama and meditation. Yin yoga uses long, passive holds to work on the deep, dense connective tissues of the body—tendons, ligaments and cartilage—which are difficult to energize and open. Yang yoga uses more active postures, which increase strength and flexibility. Compliments other styles of yoga.

Thera Band

Pilates exercises with stretchy bands. Used to assist in Pilates for strengthening, stretching and proper control of body alignment.

Pre & Post-natal Yoga

This class provides a safe and supportive environment to prepare, through yoga and breathing techniques, for pre/post birth and new motherhood. Postures are modified to accommodate the changing needs of a mother-to-be and new mom. Post-natal moms are welcome to bring pre-mobile babies. A great place to connect.

Gentle Yoga

This slower paced class encourages releasing muscles and tension with gentle ease. Gentle standing poses with the support of props may be integrated. Meditation, breath work, balancing and restorative yoga poses are included in each class for centring and calming the nervous system.


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