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Visual Arts & Theatre

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We offer a variety of visual art programs – from early years to adult. If you’re not sure which art program to register your child in, check out the program descriptions.

Aside from our Drawing & Cartooning program, visual arts and theatre programs are not, as of yet, levelled. In Drawing & Cartooning, you will find an introductory session in the fall, and a Level II in the winter/spring session. All other programs are short-term and can be taken multiple times. If you are registering for the second time and have previous experience, please let your instructor know.

Information for Visual Art Programs

Meet Our Instructors
Bagayawa, Karen
Karen Bagayawa
Belegisanin, Valentina
Valentina Belegisanin
Coman, Mara
Mara Coman

Photo coming soon
Katie Gartlen-Close

Hoyem, Ruth
Ruth Hoyem

Paull, Shauna 
Shauna Paull

Tatiana A. Bobko
Tatiana A. Bobko


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