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Edmonds Consultation

A Changing Community

The need for an additional pool became apparent when the City started to plan for the replacement of CG Brown Pool and realized more pool time was required before CG Brown could be decommissioned.

At the same time, it was realized that the southeast area of Burnaby has less dry recreation space than the other sections of the City and the Edmonds Seniors Centre is aging and requires more repairs and maintenance every year.

In addition, population growth and demographic changes in the area combined with new trends in leisure and recreation also suggested a need for an expanded community centre and aquatics facility. The Official Community Plan and Edmonds Town Centre Plan promote an increase in population and employment densities in the area. Given these recent and forthcoming changes in southeast Burnaby, it was determined that the Eastburn Community Centre needed to make adjustments to meet the changing needs of the community.

Feasibility Study

With needs in mind, a feasibility study was undertaken to determine what kind of facility was required, if it would it fit on the site of the current Eastburn Centre and what it would cost. This study was completed in late 2008 and included an extensive consultation with the community. The Feasibility Study determined that there were many unmet needs in the area, a large facility would fit on the land that the city owns adjacent to Richmond Park, and Council was asked to determine if it could support the funding requirement.

Community Needs & Preference

The City of Burnaby encourages public input as we develop new facilities within our community. A multi-step approach to understanding the needs and uses of the community was developed as part of the feasibility study.

In 2007, a random sample of surveys were distributed to households in southeast Burnaby to assess current and future use of the Eastburn Community Centre. Responses to the survey came from a diverse group of respondents consistent with the diversity in the neighbourhood.

Extensive stakeholder meetings were conducted with community groups who have an interest in the development of the new facility. This included current users, the business association, police, health and social service agencies, schools, city staff, senior centre society, and aquatic groups.

In December 2007, following community input, a public open house was held to present a preliminary program to the community and ask for confirmation that the proposed program accurately reflected the community’s expectations. The feedback received was very positive and affirmed the building program.  The program was finalized following the open house, providing the project team with the necessary information to proceed with conceptual design work, technical analysis and preliminary cost assessment.