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Dogs in Parks

Dogs in the Park

And what about Fido, you ask?

Dogs are a best friend to man, woman and child alike, and so it’s no surprise that our four-legged companions are welcome on leash in all Burnaby parks. Some follow faithfully along on a leash as their masters jog or cycle along park trails.

Others prefer the open spaces where they can chase sticks, well-chewed tennis balls and each other in designated off-leash areas. These off-leash areas serve as social meeting grounds for the canine set as they learn to socialize with others of their enthusiastic kind. Owners and their dogs are asked to heed the following common-sense guidelines when visiting Burnaby’s parks. No limits on the amount of boundless fun or rapid fire tail-wagging, however!

Dog Walking Etiquette

Most importantly use your common sense around other people and do not allow your dog to approach strangers uninvited.

  • Ensure the person in control of the dog has enough strength to restrain it in case of difficulty.
  • Make sure that aggressive or “grumpy” dogs are wearing a muzzle.
  • For the protection of your dog and other dogs, do not leave your dog unattended.
  • Remember that objects in the hands of children may be attractive to dogs and they may accidentally knock children down.
  • When walking in on-leash and off-leash areas, be respectful of other dogs, especially smaller or older dogs.
  • Protect the natural environment and prevent disturbance of wildlife by keeping your dog on the trails.
  • Water edges and fields are environments for burrowing animals, so make sure your dog doesn’t dig holes

Dogs are Not Allowed

  • On beaches and in adjacent picnic areas, specifically at Barnet Marine Park, Deer Lake Park and Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park for sanitary reasons.
  • In environmentally sensitive habitats such as the banks of the Brunette, Fraser River and the ponds, streams and marshland around Burnaby Lake and Deer Lake.
  • In any area of any park where dog restriction signs are posted.

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