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Eco-Sculpture Hero

This unique program brings together the community with art, education, environment and horticulture while fostering appreciation and long-term support for Burnaby parks.

Eco-sculptures create art from nature in a modern form of horticulture. Distinct from topiary where single plants are pruned to achieve decorative shape, Eco-sculptures use a variety of flowers and plants, set into a metal frame which is packed with soil. This creates a unique mosaic-like image and form, drawing on the selected plants’ unique colouring and characteristics.

Burnaby’s, Eco-sculpture themes are selected for their significance to the community and environmental issues, and involve community members in developing and creating the sculptures. Once created, the Eco-sculptures are displayed throughout the community as a point of pride and tourist attraction in Burnaby parks.

Eco-Sculptures in the Community

Community events take place during the spring, summer and fall. Stay tuned for upcoming 2020 dates! 

Explore Eco-Sculptures in Burnaby

Every summer, Eco-Sculptures are placed throughout Burnaby from June to the end of September as a unique attraction for residents and tourists alike.

Learn about the sculptures located near you!

Get Involved

Burnaby's Eco-sculpture program creates living sculptures to beautify and soften the urban landscape we live, work and play in. Corporate and community support is critical to Burnaby’s Eco-sculpture program. Without it, innovative projects of this scale rarely make that leap of faith and imagination that turns drawing-board dreams into reality.

To help with the continued growth of our Eco-sculpture program, please contact:

Heather Edwards
Manager Parks Design
604-294-7040 |