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New: Eco-Sculptures in Burnaby Video

Eco-Sculptures are a modern form of horticulture focusing on community and environmental themes in Burnaby. Watch our latest video above to find out what the newest addition to the Eco-Sculptures family will be!

All of the above are enduring testament to the City of Burnaby’s commitment to Eco-sculpture – a modern form of horticulture also known as "topiary". Rather than relying on stone and chisel, eco-sculptors create art from nature. The art form draws inspiration from traditional fine arts. From painting comes a diverse palette of colours. Sculpture provides the three-dimensional elements of texture and perspective. The result is a living canvas that is aesthetically delightful in terms of form and colour yet continues to change with each passing season.

We’ve pioneered Eco-sculpture in this corner of North America. And our lovingly tended, pruned and manicured creations have drawn delight and merriment from children, adults and seniors alike since the program began in 2005. Read on for details on how you can contribute to Burnaby’s Eco-sculpture revolution.

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