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Eco-Sculptures in the Community

Mason Bees

Find them all with the Eco-Sculptures Map 

Every summer, Eco-Sculptures are placed throughout Burnaby as a unique attraction for residents and tourists alike. Learn about the sculptures located near you and find them all!

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Visit the Eco-Sculptures in their parks throughout the season of June to end of September.

Note: The last date in September is based on the weather, please visit this page for the most current information.

This season you can catch a glimpse of the Eco-Sculpture themed float at community parades and festivals. The theme this year is ‘Be a Bee-liever’ drawing attention to bees and pollinators, and educating residents on what they can do to help. Bees and other insects such as butterflies and wasps, are important for their role of pollinating our flowers and food plants. Visit us at community events around the city and learn what you can do in your own garden and community to help pollinators. Find out more »

Stay tuned for more information to come for the 2017 Schedule of Community Events 

For more information please contact our Parks Administration office at 604-294-7450.