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Outdoor Fitness Circuit

Rotating Carousel - Fitness Circuit

3883 Imperial Street, entrances located on Boundary, Kingsway and Patterson

Located inside beautiful Central Park, and amidst the forest backdrop, is our new Outdoor Fitness Circuit, located along the 2.5 kilometre Trail of Hope. Perfect for all ages, the Outdoor Fitness Circuit brings the best of the gym outdoors! Be sure to download or print a copy of our Pocket Map that lists each of the 12 fitness stations and core area of focus. 

Fitness Stations

Perfect for all ages, the equipment is designed to focus on one of the following areas: cardiovascular, balance, strength and flexibility. Click on the links below for step-by-step video instruction on how to use the equipment.

Promoting sustainable fitness within Central Park, the Outdoor Fitness Circuit is environmentally made from 100% recyclable materials: recycled steel to recycled rubberized surfacing. Though the generous contributions from Tire Stewardship BC (TSBC) and Kal Tire, the Outdoor Fitness Circuit saw the upwards of $15,000 of rubberized surfacing installed under each of the 12 stations. The poured-in-place rubber is made from recycled tires consisting of back and red rubber granules, which make the floor maintenance-free, all the while following the sleek Danish design traditions of quality, functionality and timeless minimalism. A total of 13,998 lbs. of rubber was used, which 11,771 lbs. of rubber came from recycled scrap tires in BC. Powered by people and the outdoor elements of the sun and nature, this Outdoor Fitness Circuit is the perfect way stay active and healthy in the great outdoors!

Station 1

 Station 1: Stretch

Station 2

Station 2: Air Walker

Station 3 

Station 3: Chest

Station 4

Station 4: Leg

Station 5

Station 5: Back

Station 6

Station 6: Cross

Station 7

Station 7: Pull Up

Station 8

Station 8: Bar

Station 9

Station 9: Springer

Station 10

Station 10: Hip

Station 11

Station 11: Sit Up

Station 12

Station 12: Twister

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Pocket Map

Pocket Map