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Perimeter Trail at Central Park

Walkers, cyclists,and joggers can now enjoy travelling the first phase of the Central Park Perimeter Trail. When completed, this scenic and multi-use four-kilometre loop will link to the B.C. Parkway at each end, creating a trail that circumnavigates Central Park – offering residents a new way to enjoy the outdoors and explore the park and the area.

Comprising three phases, the trail’s first phase was completed in 2017 along the west perimeter of Boundary Road. This section presents a 0.85-kilometre-long treed boulevard and pathway with commuter access to the BC Parkway and Vancouver’s Ridgeway Greenway, along with access to Swangard Stadium and SkyTrain.

Construction of the second phase on the park’s east side is currently underway along Patterson Avenue, replacing the existing sidewalk. The third phase will be on the park’s south side along Imperial Street.

With more than 70 kilometres of urban trails throughout Burnaby, the Central Park Perimeter Trail presents yet another accessible, safe and convenient pathway in the city while also offering enhanced opportunities for community groups to host fundraising runs and walks.

Perimeter Trail

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