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Family Area at Taylor Park

Family & Youth Area


Taylor Park features a family area, with a colourful multi play structure, a net playing structure, a swing set, picnic tables, fountains, trees and sandbox. Buried beneath the sand are artefacts made of concrete and resin that represent many of the items found in the “old Stride landfill” – such things as can, doll, baseball, an apple core and other treasures. An art tower houses artefacts representing the landfill, including toys donated by the children at Taylor Park School.

Youth Area

Taylor Park’s Youth Area is located just east of the Family Area. The City of Burnaby, worked together with local youth to gather input on what they wanted to see in the park. Some of the features are:

  • Beginner bike park consisting of dirt jumps, mounds and trials area to encourage new riders to the sport.
  • High School size basketball court and a half court with 8-foot and 10-foot hoops.
  • Cable ride.
  • Display of mosaic art created from local high school art classes set in a Banquet Picnic Table.
  • Ball hockey court near the entrance to the park.
  • Large disc swing (wheelchair accessible)
  • Casual sports field next to youth area
  • Picnic area


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