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Drummond's Walk

Barnet Marine Drummonds Walk

The foreshore and upland walk to Hastings Street was dedicated on April 6, 2006  to Douglas P. Drummond, Mayor of Burnaby 1996-2002. This was his favourite place to walk or run in solitude, with family and friends, his dogs and on one memorable occasion with the deer. 

Even before his entry into Burnaby civic politics in 1975, Doug shared the dream that many citizens had expressed to him about public access and trails on Burnaby's waterfront. Through his many years of public service as City Councillor and Mayor from 1976-2002, Doug never lost sight of his vision and kept the idea on the City's agenda. Drummond's Walk is part of a shared dream accomplished for all to enjoy.   

The foreshore leg of Drummond’s Walk passes through a popular dog off-leash area and is located in the western core area of Barnet Marine Park. 

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