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East Parking Lot Construction

Barnet Marine Park continues to grow in popularity. To ensure public safety and continued enjoyment of the park, the City of Burnaby has re-built the east parking lot area. This work includes a new vehicular turn around, a drop-off area, six stalls designated for people with disabilities, and a reconfigured parking lot south of the railway. 

With the east parking lots now open, general public vehicular access will no longer be available north of the railway. Pedestrians can continue to access areas north of the railway from both existing roadways and the pedestrian overpass (when it re-opens). Pre-approved service, community sport associations, allotment-based vehicles and emergency vehicles will have controlled access through gates from either roadway as required.

Through this project, the City has also made environmental improvements to Barnet Marine Park. The addition of bio-filtration drainage systems and oil receptors will help minimize pollution by capturing and filtering pollutants from water runoff or other potential contaminants.

For further information please contact: 604 294-7450.