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Local Government Awareness Week

May 21-27, 2017 is Local Government Awareness Week in B.C. This week helps you ‘get to know’ your local government, and to learn more about the many programs and services that the City of Burnaby provides.

This year’s theme for LGAW is ‘Celebrating and Connecting Burnaby’. We chose this theme as 2017 also marks Burnaby’s 125th and Canada’s 150th birthdays and we wanted to help support connections and celebrations throughout the City. To help us honour these events, we ran a drawing contest for grades 5, 6, and 7 students in Burnaby. We asked them to draw what they love about their City and to let their imaginations run wild.

We were amazed with the quality of art that was submitted for this contest. We had almost 100 student submissions from throughout the City! Our judges had the tough job of choosing only four winners. There is a lot of talent and creativity in our schools and a lot of inspiration in our City worth celebrating.

Margaret Kuts
Margaret Kuts Grade 5, Sperling Elementary School

Grace Liu
Grace Liu Grade 7, Taylor Park Elementary School

Ella Go
Ella Go Grade 6, Sunscrest Elementary School

Jayee Zheng
Jayee Zheng Grade 7, Suncrest Elementary School

2017 Proclamation

Get involved!

There are many other ways to be involved in our community, from attending public events to volunteering with local organizations to attending Council meetings.

Here’s how you can participate and get involved in Local Government Awareness Week:

  • Follow us! Visit the City of Burnaby’s Facebook and Twitter daily to learn more about being involved with your local government.
  • Keep up to date on City matters by attending Council meetings or watching the meetings online.
  • Read the City’s InfoBurnaby newsletter.
  • Find information regarding local civic, recreation, cultural and library facilities and learn where free public Wi-Fi is located using our interactive web map.
  • Book a City Hall tour in order to learn about programs and services offered by the City.
  • Check out the ‘Be Involved’ Portal: A one-stop-shop to learn more about getting involved in our City!
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