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Skating Zones

Metro Skate Park Zones

Zones for All Levels

Whether you are just beginning or more advanced, Metro Skate Park has something to offer everyone. Metro Skate Park is organized in three different zones: Metro Square, for realistic street skating; Bonsor Pipeline including a full-pipe for extreme bowl skating; and Dogleg Bowl for 'old-school' park-style as well as beginner or flow skating.

Three Styles

Metro Square

Street Style - more than half of Metro Skate Park is dedicated to street style skateboarding – all arranged in a plaza-like design. Metro Square includes a variety of different ramps, stairs, platforms, curbs, surfaces and railings providing numerous edge conditions for practising and performing tricks.

There are also a few out of the ordinary spots like the big rock gap and pipe benches. There is space between obstacles so that skaters can cruise with great freedom. 

Bonsor Pipeline

Bowl Skating - the centre bowl area is approximately 26 by 20 metres in size. It features a steeper sloped bowl section about 2-1/2 metres deep. A large central pyramidal island with a low wall creates considerable return momentum for experienced skaters.

Connected to the island is a feature full pipe section approximately 5-1/2 metres in diameter topped with an observation platform and stairway.

Dogleg Bowl

Beginner Zone - approximately 24 by 24 metres in size, this section was created with the beginner skateboarder in mind. The shallow sloped bowl sections with low centre mound, provides ample platform space on top, and the circular layout encourage a variety of continuous motion.

Several curbs on the top platforms provide edge conditions to practise "grinding" with skateboards.