City Hall Complex Closing Early on October 21

Posted October 21, 2019

Burnaby City Hall, the West Building and Civic Offices at Deer Lake Centre are closing at 4:00 PM today in order to provide staff at these locations the allotted required time to vote in the Federal election. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Mountain Air Bike Skills Park Features

Mountain Air Bike Skills

World’s largest and only outdoor wood pump track that is free to the public. This wood pump track allows riders to pick up speed riding through a series of loops, berms and rollers around a track and sustain their momentum through it.

  • Slopestyle course incorporates man-made technical trail features and dirt jumping in a course on a falling grade. The choice of the line is up to the skills of the rider. Typically these venues are built temporarily for professional competitions with no opportunity for public access. Because of this, Mountain Air Bike Skills Park’s Slopestyle course is extremely popular as there is currently no publicly accessible Slopestyle venue in the area. The Slopestyle course is for intermediate and advanced riders
  • Beginner/Novice Area targets younger riders, new riders and the confidence deficient. The technical trail features are low to the ground and at the easiest end of the difficulty spectrum with no or little consequence
  • The North Shore Area includes a variety of technical trail features designed for various skill levels allowing for the development and progression of bike handling skills. These include a number of wooden constructed features such as skinnies, elevated ladder bridges, steel cable suspension bridge rides, balance box, drops and teeter totters
  • Dirt pump track which allows riders to warm up, hone their skills and “pump” their way through the course
  • Dirt Jumps: table top dirt jumps side by side running down a slope: one beginner, one intermediate and one advanced
  • Looming over the park is a 12-metre curved wooden wall ride where advanced riders can test their skills

Details such as difficulty rating markers (beginner, intermediate and advanced) are posted throughout the park to advise riders of the degree of difficulty.