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Arena Services

The City of Burnaby Arena Services division offers volunteer opportunities on and off the ice to assist instructors with skating lessons, special events and programs at Bill Copeland Sports Centre and Kensington Complex.

Position Descriptions

Please note that the availability of the following volunteer opportunities vary throughout the year. Only candidates who meet the position requirements and qualifications will be contacted with next steps in the application process.

» Instructor Assistant - Skating Lessons
Assisting skating instructors with skating lessons for preschoolers 3-5 years and children 6-12 years.
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» Special Events
Assisting with on and off-ice activities such as games, prizes, crafts and face painting at special events throughout the year.
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Questions About Volunteering?

Kensington Complex:
Kathryn Carriss, 604-297-4530
Bill Copeland Sports Centre:
Arlene Mann, 604-320-2201
Email: arenavolunteers@burnaby.ca

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