Be Prepared For Snow And Winter Conditions

Updated 10:35 AM, December 10, 2016

Be prepared for changing road conditions. Surfaces are bare and wet in portions of main roadways and priority routes, but expect winter driving conditions on lower priority routes, local streets, and at higher elevations where precipitation may continue as snow or mixed with rain.

City crews and equipment are in operation 24-hours maintaining priority streets, emergency routes, and bus routes. We appreciate your patience as we work towards removing snow and ice in other areas as weather conditions improve.

Snow plowing routes are established based on traffic volume, speed, road classification, road terrain, and accessibility by transit and emergency services. View our map of priority snow removal routes. More Snow and Ice Control information »

Please leave extra time to commute, consider taking an alternative route or mode of transportation, stay up to date with weather alerts and Translink service advisories.

More information on Our Role as a City »

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