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Family Artworks

| 5 yrs + with an adult

Explore drawing, painting, sculpture and

collage in the same classroom with your

family. Learn about the elements of art:

line, composition, shape, texture and colour,

while working with chalk and oil pastels,

paints and a variety of other materials.

The creative process is emphasized.

Children and adults must enroll and

attend together. Price is per person.

Instructor: TBA

$90.60, 8 sessions

Jan 13 Sa, 2:30-4pm


Young Tunes

4 Families

| 2 mos-3 yrs +

Now the entire family can come to class!

Young singers develop their voices and

listening skills with poems, finger plays,

musical games and action songs.

Percussion instruments and movement

help them understand music rhythms

and beats. A 2-3 year old child must be

registered in order for a younger or older

sibling (6 months-5 years) to register.

Pre-walking children with older sibling(s)

in class are free, and more than one

caregiver is welcome. Children must

be able to go to the toilet independently.

Instructors: TBA

Willingdon Community Centre

$56.80, 10 sessions

Jan 9

Tu, 10-10:45am



Family Dance Jam

| 1-12 yrs

Parents, grandparents and kids have

fun, connect, laugh and play together

through movement and dance. A variety of

music, in many styles, sets the mood and

gives everyone a chance to move. Some

structured movement activities as well as

some free dance are incorporated. Children

must be accompanied by an adult and

must be walking. Drop-ins welcome.

Cameron Complex

$45.30, 6 sessions

Jan 21 Su, 10-11am


Art by student of

Family Artworks