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Ceramic Supplies

At the Shadbolt Centre, ceramic

students at any experience level can

find a course to suit their needs. All

classes and open workshops use high-

fired stoneware. Clay is not included

in the course fee; clay tickets must

be purchased from the front office in

25-pound packages:

$22.85 (grey stoneware)

$28.40 (red stoneware)

$28.40 (white stoneware)

$28.40 (sculpture clay/Raku)

$40.62 (porcelain)

$18.00 (recycled clay)



If a program is full, put your name

on the waitlist. A space may become

free or an extra class may be added if

there is sufficient demand.

Prices do not include taxes. Prices are

subject to change without notice. Please

note: to protect our equipment, only work

produced at the Shadbolt Centre from clay

purchased here can be fired in our kilns.

Open workshop sessions and adult classes

are restricted to students aged 18 years and

older. For safety reasons, please do not bring

children to open workshop or class sessions.

Artwork by Tanis Saxby