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Sets & Settings

Explore multiples and related objects.

What design tools can we use to create

the illusion of identical handmade objects?

How can you create continuity in a set of

related pieces? The instructor demonstrates

making and decorating tableware items

such as place settings, nesting bowls,

cream and sugar sets and canisters,

with a focus on developing consistency

and a recognizable style.

Instructor: Fredi Rahn

$187.40, 8 sessions

Jan 14 Su, 10am-1pm


Hand-Built Sculptural Techniques

Expand your toolbox! Learn several

techniques for hand-building sculptural

forms in clay. Combine methods such

as slabs, coils and pinching to create

sculptural works of your own vision.

Previous work with clay is an asset.

Instructor: Tony Wilson

$187.40, 8 sessions

Jan 15 M, 6:30-9:30pm



Intro - Level I Pottery:

Focus on Surface

Glaze application is one part of this class

looking at ways to apply texture, pattern

and image to the plastic clay surface.

Students also develop skills in pattern

making and creating three-dimensional

forms from flat, patterned slabs, surface

and mark-making on wheel-thrown forms

and ways of using slip to add colour and

texture to your work. Demos on handmade

tools give you the ability to put your

personal stamp on surface decoration.

Instructor: Fredi Rahn

$192.40, 8 sessions

Jan 16 Tu, 6:30-9:30pm


Constructing With Porcelain

This combination of demonstrations,

slides and discussions assist students in

their learning process. Students create

individual projects, choosing to work with

wheel-thrown or hand-built forms to

construct complex objects. The techniques

and properties of working with porcelain

are studied as a sculptural medium and

include one-on-one technical and aesthetic

feedback and group critiques, as well

as advice on drying, firing and finishing

projects. All levels welcome.

Instructor: Tanis Saxby

$192.40, 8 sessions

Jan 17 W, 10am-1pm



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