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Continuing Pottery

Continue to develop your throwing

skills (larger pots, teapots, plates,

baking dishes, etc.) and improve

your glazing techniques. Returning

students welcome.


Introduction to Pottery


Instructor: Charmian Nimmo

$187.40, 8 sessions

Jan 17 W, 7-10pm


Daytime Pottery

Suitable for a variety of skill levels.

However, beginners must have taken

one introductory-level pottery course.

Some basic instruction in hand building,

wheel work and glazing is offered,

while returning students are challenged

with more advanced projects.

Instructor: Fredi Rahn

$248.20, 8 sessions

Jan 18 Th, 10am-2pm


Soda Firing Workshop

Give your work a unique finish by firing it in

the soda kiln, “The Vault.” Soda-fired work

is recognizable by its orange peel texture

and brilliant flashes of colour, brought about

by the introduction of soda near the end of

the firing. Bring bisqued cone 10 pots to fill

two cubic feet of kiln space. Glazing takes

place during the first class. No refunds after

January 14. Seniors discount not available.

Instructors: Linda Doherty, Jay MacLennan

$150, 4 sessions

Feb 14 W-F, Tu, 1:30-5:30pm


Raku Firing

Finish your work using the ancient

method of raku firing. Traditional glazes

such as white crackle and metallic copper

are provided, but bring your own brushes

and up to three six-inch diameter bisqued

pieces, made of heavily grogged sculpture

clay. Students must attend an Open

Workshop in the week prior to class to

glaze their work (included in the price).

Senior discount does not apply.

Instructor: Tony Wilson

$50.40, 1 session

Feb 25 Su, 10am-2pm


Extruding & More

Learn to get the most from your own

extruder—or make the most use of the

two extruders available at the Shadbolt.

You produce both functional and innovative

designs in clay by combining extruded,

hand-built and wheel-thrown parts.

Focus is on the making process. Some

previous experience helpful. No refunds

after start date. Students may return to

an open workshop ($12 + GST) to glaze

their pieces.

Instructor: Linda Doherty

$260, 5 sessions

Mar 12 M-F, 10am-4pm


Pop-up Pottery Classes

Pop-up Pottery Classes are spontaneous

and fun! There are five ways to find

out about them:

Flyers in studios/bulletin boards


Shadbolt Ceramic Arts webpage

Shadbolt front office

Ask an instructor/technician