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Potter Mouth: Unabashed Messages in Clay

Conversations about feminism are conversations about the human condition. Works of

art that get this dialogue started are gutsy, frank, and relevant to everyone; some may be

difficult, some may cause embarrassment, some may appear taboo. But when an artist

creates images or sculptures that challenge the norm and then sets them free in the world,

they encourage us to pause and think, “Wait, is that really what’s going on?” or to say,

“Yes, that’s it exactly!” The pottery presented in the free Thursday evening moderated panel

presentation raises such discussions. It informs us of others’ perspectives and life experiences,

with refreshing (and often humorous) sincerity. The weekend workshops explore the artists’

individual techniques in creating their work. Choose your own workshop adventure!

Pick one, two, or all three – the choice is yours!

Presenters: Maggie Boyd, Amelia Butcher & David Robinson

Thursday, March 8

Cash Bar & Pottery Exhibit, 6-7pm | Presentation, 7-8pm | Discussion, 8-8:30pm

Presentation is free. Please pre-register using barcode


International Women’s Day

Free Presentation



(Left) Artwork by Amelia Butcher, (Top right) Instructor Amelia Butcher, (Bottom right) Instructor David Robinson