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Workshop I

Surface Treatment for Clay

The goal of this four hour workshop is to address the many methods

possible for the treatment of the surface of a ceramic piece once we’re

satisfied with the form. Students will learn slip, inlay, carving, underglaze

and glaze application techniques. Bring 3 pieces of leather-hard greenware

and and 3 pieces of bisqueware.

Instructor: Maggie Boyd

$65.40, 1 session

Sa, March 10



Workshop II

Tattooing Pots

Explore surface decoration and finishing techniques; learn tricks and

recipes for underglaze ‘ink’, wax inlay, and apply slip and stain cleanly.

These are techniques that can be used for illustrated or patterned surfaces

to give clay bodies character pre-glazing. Guidance will also be given on

developing your own imagery, composition, and strategies for applying

2-D designs to 3-D objects. Bring two pieces of bisqueware and one piece

of leatherhard greenware.

Instructor: Amelia Butcher

$65.40, 1 session

Sa, March 10



Workshop III

Nature the Majestic

Using techniques that employ wheel throwing, hand building and

slip casting skills, participants will explore the beautiful interrelated forms

and patterns of the organic world. Spalling, construction of pre-cast

organic forms through plaster casting, found objects for pattern making,

mocha diffusion, investment casting, and other hands on unconventional

approaches to organic forms and their relationships will be explored.

Students will be encouraged to bring small objects for molding, objects

for pattern making, pressing and embossing as well as natural forms that

are intriguing, unconventional and that inspire personal connectivity

to the organic environment.

Instructor: David Robinson

$80.60, 1 session

Su, March 11




March 8, 2018