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Beginning Life Drawing Workshop

Designed for those who would like to

attend our regular life drawing sessions

but need to build confidence in their

figure drawing skills. Explore the human

form by giving attention to proportion,

gesture, expressive line and tonal drawing

techniques. Undraped model is used in a

respectful atmosphere. Supplies included.

Instructor: Shelley Rothenburger

$39, 1 session

Jan 10 W, 7-10pm


Abstract Painting & Colour Theory

Gain an understanding of abstract painting

and non-representational painting

principles. Experiment with materials and

explore the elements of art: colour theory,

composition and design using colour,

shape, line and texture. Learn the historical

context for abstraction and a variety of

conceptual and technical approaches,

along with skill development and personal

expression in your imagery.

Instructor: Judith M. Atkinson

$171.80, 8 sessions

Jan 13 Sa, 1-4pm


Drawing for Absolute Beginners

Learn the foundations of drawing and

seeing in a supportive and gentle atmosphere.

This is an ideal class for building confidence

in your drawing ability. You receive individual

attention and advice with problem solving

and creative development.

Instructor: Katharine Dickinson

$171.80, 8 sessions

Jan 16 Tu, 10am-1pm


Painting for Absolute Beginners

Build confidence in your creative ability in a

warm, congenial and supportive environment

and build the skills necessary to create a work

of art by exploration of representational and

abstract rendering in paint. Through various

practical and imaginative exercises, learn about

the basic supplies of paint (brushes, paints,

mediums, and surfaces) as well as colour theory,

brush handling and achieving a realistic likeness.

Instructor: Judith M. Atkinson

$171.80, 8 sessions

Jan 16 Tu, 1:30-4:30pm


Introduction to Painting

Start with the absolute basics of painting

principles and techniques. Learn basic colour

theory, composition, texture and line. Each

class contains an introduction to art history,

contemporary art practices, demonstration of

practical colour mixing and application, and

lots of time for painting. Projects emerge from

observation as well as from the imagination.

Some drawing skills are helpful.

Instructor: Sean Alward

$171.80, 8 sessions

Jan 16 Tu, 7-10pm



Adult Visual Arts Classes

Supplies are not included in the course

fee unless stated. Supply lists are printed

on your registration receipt. Remember

to take advantage of our our Art Supply

Store. See page 9 for store hours.