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iPhone Photography

Your iPhone camera has a range of

photographic possibilities. Discover features

such as burst mode for action, panoramic,

video and tools for better composition.

Practice taking selfies and group photos and

learn how to look for the best lighting and

when to use the flash. Processing methods

and posting to social media are also discussed.

Hands-on shooting reinforces lessons learned.

Instructor: Phillip Chin

$70, 1 session

Feb 25

Su, 10am-3pm



Beginning Photography Workshop

Designed for serious beginners who want to

go beyond “point and shoot”. Take control of

your camera and improve your photography

by learning how f-stops, shutter speed,

depth of field, focus, white balance and

other factors affect the appearance of your

photographs. Solutions to unusual situations

and commonly encountered photographic

problems are demonstrated. You engage in

hands-on exercises to reinforce the techniques

presented. Bring your camera, manual,

batteries and tripod.

Instructor: Lurenda Mastromonaco

$70, 1 session

Feb 24 Sa, 10am-3pm



Painting with Light Photography

Ideal for photographers wanting a painterly

look to their night photography . Students

experiment with time exposures and light

sources such as flashlights, camera flashes

and other sources of light. Practice

shooting is done in Deer Lake Park.

Instructor: Phillip Chin

$70, 1 session

Mar 4 Su, 4-9pm



Landscape Painting

with Movement

Oil painting demonstrations and

instruction show students how to

infuse movement and atmosphere

into landscape painting. Focus on the

techniques of underpainting, colour,

intuitive mark making and using light

and tone to create a sense of visual

depth and memory. Some experience

in oil painting helpful but not necessary.

Some materials provided.

Instructor: Eri Ishii

$90, 1 session

Mar 4

Su, 10am-3pm


Ten Ways of Seeing: Drawing

This drawing intensive is an exploration

of concepts for still life, landscape and

abstract. Learn to utilize gesture, contour,

mass, space, figure/ground, tonality,

silhouette, modelling with light/shade,

perspective and composition to expand

your ability to perceive and draw a variety

of subjects. Useful for beginner to more

experienced and is applicable to painting

as well as drawing. Supplies included.

Instructor: Tony O’Regan

$75, 1 session

Mar 4

Su, 10am-3pm