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These classes are contemporary and

release-based in approach. Dancers

begin with floor work to find a

relationship with gravity, breath support,

core support and body connectivity.

Students then move through space

focusing on the use of the spine and the

carving of 3-dimensional space. Each

class ends with expressive movement

sequences that travel through space.

Individuality, expressivity, and movement

invention through structured improvisation

is also explored in a supportive

environment to live accompaniment.


For those with little or no modern

dance experience.

Instructor: Olivia Davies

$142.50, 10 sessions

Jan 9

Tu, 7:30-8:45pm



For those with two to three years of

modern dance experience.

Instructor: Michelle Olson

$171, 10 sessions

Jan 9

Tu, 7:30-9pm


Dance Creation Class

The focus is on the creative process,

building a dance together. The first part

begins with a focused warmup. From

there, students work together within a

creative process to create a dance. An

interdisciplinary approach to dance may

be explored in this open level class for

adult dancers with some previous dance

experience. Instructors rotate from session

to session and there may be opportunities

to perform during the year within a

studio showing.

Instructor: Michelle Olson

$158, 10 sessions

Jan 11 Th, 7:10-9:10pm


Dance Composition Workshop:

Sourcing from Impulse 21 yrs +

Building a contemporary dance

composition that communicates your

ideas in an abstract and meaningful way

is a skill to be developed. In this workshop,

students explore how to source movement

material from creative impulse and then

use that movement to begin to build a

composition through methods of dance

construction and Laban Movement

Analysis. Students must have some

previous experience in modern dance

to register.

Instructor: Donna Redlick

$185, 3 sessions

Jan 21 Su, 1-5pm


Photo by Tonya Ng of Continuum Dance Company