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Movement Culture &

Tua o Te Arai Performance Workshop

Facilitated by Charles Koroneho

Monday-Friday, January 8-12

Full Workshop

(25hrs), $197.50, 9am-3pm

Morning Hybrid Training

(10hrs), $92, 9-11am

This 5-day intensive is designed as an open level creative

workshop for the professional performing artists and

researchers in dance, theatre and visual arts. Daily practices

will investigate movement cultures and hybrid training,

improvisation, creativity and performance.


Movement Culture Workshop

explores spatial activation, an eclectic movement

vocabulary, set and improvised material within a continuous movement field. Hybrid

movement sessions are fast paced; emphasizing the moving body in space, improved

mobility, speed, coordination and spatial orientation. Training is focused on hybridizing

dance, body weather laboratory, mau rakau, martial arts and somatic research practices.

Movement sessions may include work with objects, partnered bodywork, specific

stretching, relaxation exercises focused on breathing, alignment and contact.


Tua o Te Arai is an exploration of bereavement, funeral practices and lamentation.

The workshop focuses on funeral, cemetery and burial art to explore movement and

improvisation for performance making. Creativity sessions explore sensitivity training,

structured improvisation and specific techniques for developing a body of internal

landscapes, performance persona and characterizations.

Sessions are designed to sharpen focus and develop a diverse range of choreographic

explorations, performance devising, scripting or co-authoring and may be experienced as

individuals, in small groups or larger ensemble.

To register your interest, please contact dance programmer, Salome Nieto at

604-205-3007 for details, a complete workshop brochure

and application procedure. Please send your application to Charles Koroneho at

*Applications close December 10, 2017